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Kniffings Roses

Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
About Face Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Golden-orangey/bronzy red Light Tall very upright very disease resistant $24.95   
Above All Patented Climber Weeks Salmon-orange blend Moderate New 2015 climbing canes 10-14' spreading $24.95   
Abraham Darby English roses David Austin Apricot & yellow tinted w/pink Strong 5x5'h or 8' climber $29.95   
 Altissimo Non-Pat. Climber Star Red Light 8-10', 5 petalled flower $21.95   
Always and Forever Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Bright ruby red Slight Tall upright 25-30 petals  $24.95   
America  Non-Pat. Climber Weeks Even coral pink Strong Ht 10-12'/late to flower in spring $21.95   
Angel Face Non Part. Floribunda Weeks Medium lavender blush ruby Strong Low rounded, blooms med. dbl.&ruffled $21.95   
Anna's Promise Pat. Grandiflora Weeks Bicolor golden tan & Pink blush w/ copper reverse Moderate New 2015 medium/very rounded & bushy. Parentage: voodoo & About Face $24.95   
Apricot Candy Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Apricot Medium Upright disease resistant $24.95   
Apricot Candy 36" tree  Star Apricot Spicy 5 gal. containers $44.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Barbra Streisand  Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Rich lavender blushing darker Strong Med. Upright petal count 25-30 $24.95   
 Bella Roma Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Yellow with pink edging Strong 4 1/2' h. size bloom 4 4/12" $24.95   
Benjamin Britten English roses David Austin Salmon pink changes to pure pink Strong 4x4'h or 8-10' climber $29.95   
Betty Boop  Pat. Floribunda Weeks Yellow ivory edge red Medium Medium/disease-resistant $24.95   
Bewitched Non Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Pink Strong Medium tall 45 years old $21.95   
Black Baccara Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Dark red Slight Cut flower lasts 2 weeks in base $24.95   
Blue Girl Non Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Lavender Light Medium bushy 30-35 petals $21.95   
Bonica Shrub Weeks Pure pink Moderate Bushy spreading Small flower 35-40 petals $24.95   
Boscobel English roses David Austin Rich salmon Strong 3x2 1/2'h New 2012 $29.95   
Brandy Non-Pat Hybrid Tea Weeks Apricot blend Light Medium tall/upright $21.95   
Bride's Dream Non-Pat Hybrid Tea Weeks Soft pastel pink Slight Tall upright large double bloom $21.95   
Brilliant Pink Iceberg Pat. Floribunda Weeks Pink Mild Medium tall rounded bushy $24.95   
Bronze Star 36" Tree  Star Bronze fading to apricot Strong 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Bronze Star  Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Bronze fading to apricot Strong Tall bushy/Ted recommends highly $24.95   
Burgundy Iceberg Pat. Floribunda Weeks Purple red burgundy/cream rev Mild  Medium tall rounded bushy $24.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
California Dreamin' 36" Tree  Star Pink bicolor, white  Strong 5 gal. containers $44.95   
California Dreamin?  Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Pink bicolor, white  Strong Ht 3-4' bushy/ Loves heat $24.95   
Candy Land Patented Climber Weeks Rosy pink striped with yellow Moderate Climbing canes 10-12' Large blooms $24.95   
Cecile Brunner Non-Pat, Climber Weeks Pastel pink Moderate Climbing canes up to 18' long $21.95   
Centennial Star  Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Golden yellow pink edged Strong Tall bushy/petal count 70 $24.95   
Charlotte English roses David Austin Soft yellow Strong 4x3'h, good repeat flowering $29.95   
Ch-Ching! Pat. Grandiflora Weeks Lemon yellow Strong Medium-tall Sport of Strike It Rich $24.95   
Ch-Ching! 36" Tree  Weeks Lemon yellow Strong 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Chicago Peace  Non Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Pink and canary yellow Light Medium Upright/Sport of peace $21.95   
Chihuly Pat. Floribunda Weeks Apricot yellow/orange deep red Mild Medium bushy 25-30 petals $24.95   
Chris Evert Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Orange blushing red Medium Medium upright, 25-30 petals $24.95   
Chrysler Imperial  Non Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Dark red Strong Medium Upright/Petal count 45-50 $21.95   
 Crimson Bouquet Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Bright velvet red slight Medium/upright and bushy $24.95   
Crown Princess Margareta English roses David Austin Apricot orange to soft yellow Strong Good in worm climates 120 petals $29.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Dick Clark Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Cherry blushing burgundy Moderate Medium tall bloom med.-large dbl. $24.95   
 Dilly Parton Non Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Orange red Strong Medium upright 35-40 petals $21.95   
Don Juan  Non-Pat. Climber Weeks Velvety red  Strong Canes 12-14'/proven performer $21.95   
Doris Day Pat. Floribunda Weeks Pure even gold yellow Strong New 2015 Medium/upright & bushy $24.95   
 Doris Day 24" tree Weeks Pure even gold yellow Strong 5 gal. containers $34.95   
Double Delight  36" Tree  Weeks Cream with rose edge None 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Double Delight  Non Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Cream with rose edge Strong Medium,33 years old 30-35 petal count $21.95   
Double Knock Out Shrub Weeks Deep pink or light red None Medium mounded 15-20 petals $24.95   
Dream Come True Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Golden yellow & blush edged Mild Tall upright/bushy/blooms large and full $24.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Easy Does It Pat. Floribunda Weeks Mango peach & apricot blend Moderate Medium rounded bushy $24.95   
Easy Going Pat. Floribunda Weeks Golden yellow Moderate Medium rounded/ 25-30 petals $24.95   
Easy Going/Livin Easy 36" Twofer Tree Weeks Deep gold/orange blend  7 gal. containers $54.95   
Ebb Tide 36" Tree  Weeks Deep plum purple Strong 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Ebb Tide Pat. Floribunda Weeks Deep plum purple Strong Medium upright bushy 35 petals $24.95   
Eden  Patented Climber Star Pastel pink creamy yellow Light Ht 10-12ft. Disease resistant $24.95   
 Electron Non. Pat. Hybid tea Star Pink sweet Med. Upright, blooms non stop all season $21.95   
Elizabeth Taylor Non Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Deep pink/smoky edges Slight Medium ht. prefers warm clime $21.95   
Eternal Flame Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Soft flickering yellow Strong Tall upright large bloom 35 petals $24.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Falling In Love Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Warm pink with a cream reverse Strong Medium-tall/upright, full & bushy $24.95   
Falling In Love  36" Tree  Weeks Worm pink with a cream reverse Strong 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Fire and Ice  Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Red white reverse None Green house rose, good repeat bloom $24.95   
Fired Up Pat. Floribunda Star Striped yellow and orange None Disease resistant good in dry climates $24.95   
Firefighter 36" Tree  Weeks Velvet red Strong 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Firefighter  Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Velvet red Strong Honor 9/11 victims,medium tall upright $24.95   
First Prize Non Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Rose Pink Mild Medium tall large double bloom $21.95   
Fourth of July  Patented Climber Weeks Velvety red striped with bright white Medium Climbing canes 10-14' Flower large semi-dbl. $24.95   
Fragrant Cloud  Non-Pat. Hybrid tea Weeks Deep coral Strong Medium/bloom large double $21.95   
Fragrant Plum Non Pat. Grandiflora Weeks Lavender blushing purple Strong Tall upright/long stems bloom $21.95   
Francis Meilland Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Shell pink turning to white Strong 60+ petals (AARS winner 2013) $24.95   
French Lace Non-Pat. Floribunda Star White Slight 3' h x 3'w large bloom 30-35 petals $21.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Gemini  Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Cream blushing coral pink Light  Medium/Tall , large double bloom $24.95   
George Burns  Pat. Floribunda Weeks Yellow red pink and cream Strong Medium low/Petal count 30-35 $24.95   
Gertrude Jekyll English roses David Austin Rich pink Strong height 5x3 1/2' or 8-10 as a climber $29.95   
 Gina Lollobridgida Non Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Yellow Strong Tall/upright, large 100+ petals $21.95   
Gingersnap Non.Pat.Floribunda Weeks Bright yellow orange blend Mild Medium bushy -30-35 petals $21.95   
 Girls' Night Out Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Pink Moderate Above average disease resistante $24.95   
Gold Medal Non Pat. Grandiflora Weeks Golden Yellow suffused orange Strong Tall upright/long stems bloom $21.95   
Golden Celebration English Roses David Austin Golden yellow Strong 4 1/2 by 4 1/2 feet 8-10' climber $29.95   
 Golden Showers Non-Pat. Climber Star Yellow sweet 12-14' climber $21.95   
 Good as Gold 36" Tree  Weeks Deep golden orange-yellow Moderate 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Good as Gold Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Golden orange-yellow/kiss of red Moderate Tall upright size bloom 5" $24.95   
 Gourment Popcorn Miniature Weeks Bright white Strong Medium bushy clean & hardy $24.95   
Graham Thomas English Roses David Austin Rich yellow Strong Voted the worlds favorite rose 2009-2012 $29.95   
Gruss An Aachen Pat. Antic  Star Light pink Moderate 2-3'h2-3'w dwarf compact/Hybrid. 1909 $24.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Heart O' Gold Pat. Grandiflora Weeks Deep gold surrounded by cerise Strong Tall upright/petal count 34-40 $24.95   
Heathcliff English Roses David Austin Deep crimson Moderate 4'x3'h new 2012 $29.95   
 Heirloom Non Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Deep lavender Strong Strong almos overwhelming fragrance $21.95   
Henry Fonda Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Deep yellow light It is remarkable vigor/ disease resistant $24.95   
Heritage English Roses David Austin Soft pink Strong 70 petals, repeated flowering $29.95   
 Honor Non Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Crisp bright white Slight Very tall upright $21.95   
Hot Cocoa  Pat. Floribunda Weeks Smoky chocolate orange Medium Med. tall/Bloom size Large, ruffled dbl. $24.95   
Hot Cocoa 36" Tree  Weeks Smoky chocolate orange Moderate 5 gal. containers $44.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Iceberg  36" Tree  Weeks White Medium 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Iceberg  Non-Pat. Floribunda Weeks White Medium Medium tall/great for hedges $21.95   
Iceberg  Non-Pat. Climber Weeks White Medium Canes 12-14'/# 1 selling rose $21.95   
Ingrid Bergman 36" Tree  Star Dark red Strong 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Ingrid Bergman Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Dark red Strong 5-6' tall,loves heat of summer $24.95   
Ink Spots Non-Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Velvety red Light Medium tall large flower $21.95   
Intrigue  Non-Pat. Floribunda Weeks Plum purple Strong Medium/petal count 25-30 $21.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
John F. Kennedy Non-Pat Hybrid Tea Weeks Greenish white Moderate Medium bushy 40-45 petals $21.95   
Joseph?s Coat  Non-Pat. Climber Weeks Yellow to red Light Canes 10-12'/Proven performer $21.95   
 Julia Child 24" Tree Weeks Butter gold Strong 5 gal. containers $34.95   
Julia Child Pat. Floribunda Weeks Butter gold Strong Medium rounded/disease resistant $24.95   
 Julia Child 36" Tree  Star Butter gold Strong 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Just Joey 36" Tree  Weeks Rich apricot Strong 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Just Joey  Non-Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Rich apricot Strong Medium/bloom large shapely $21.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Ketchup & Mustard Pat. Floribunda Weeks Red/backside dark yellow Mild Medium rounded bushy $24.95   
 Ketchup & Mustard 36" Tree  Weeks Red/backside dark yellow Mild 5 gal. containers $44.95   
 Knock Out 36" Tree  Weeks Light red to deep pink Light 5 gal. containers $44.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Lasting Love 36" Tree  Weeks Dusky red Strong 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Lasting Love Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Dusty red Strong Medium upright, large double bloom $24.95   
Lasting Peace Pat. Grandiflora Star Coral orange Slight Tall bushy/disease-resistant $24.95   
Let Freedom Ring Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Strawberry red Mild/tea Medium tall upright/large double flower $24.95   
Livin' Easy 36" Tree  Weeks Apricot orange Medium 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Livin' Easy Pat. Floribunda Weeks Apricot orange blend Moderate Medium large, double 25-30 petals $24.95   
Love  Non-Pat. Gr. Weeks Scarlet red with white reverse Light Medium upright/petal count 30-35 $21.95   
 Love and Peace Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Yellow pink sweet Medium, upright, large double 40 petals $24.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Marco Polo Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Bright yellow Strong Tall bushy, 35 petals $24.95   
Marilyn Monroe  Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Apricot cream Mild Medium-tall/upright to slightly spreading $24.95   
Mary Rose English roses David Austin Rose Pink Moderate 4X4' one of the first roses to bloom in spring $29.95   
 Mellow Yellow 36" Tree  Weeks Clear pure yellow Moderate 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Mellow Yellow Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Clear pure yellow Moderate Medium tall large double bloom $24.95   
Melody Perfumee Pat. Grandiflora Weeks Plum  Strong 5' h. disease resistant $24.95   
Memorial Day Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Orchid pink Strong Medium tall very large bloom $24.95   
Midas Touch Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Bright neon yellow Slight Tall, very bushy, 22-25 petals $24.95   
Midnight Blue Shrub Weeks Velvet dark purple Strong Medium low rounded. 25-30 petals $24.95   
Miss All-American Beauty Non-pat Hybrid Tea Weeks Deep hot pink Strong Bloom large 50-55 petals $21.95   
Mister Lincoln  36" Tree  Weeks Red Strong 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Mister Lincoln  Non-Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Red Strong Tall upright/46 years old $21.95   
Moon Stone Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks White, edge with pink Mild Medium upright, large double bloom $24.95   
Mother of Pearl Pat. Grandiflora Star Coral apricot light Tall/very bushy good-hot humid areas $24.95   
Munstead Wood  English Roses David Austin Deep crimson Strong 3/x2 1/2'h repeat flowering $29.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Neil Diamond Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks White with pink stripes Strong New 2015 Stands strong vigorous  $24.95   
 Neil Diamond 36" Tree  Weeks White with pink stripes Strong 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Neptune 36" Tree  Weeks Rich lavender kissed purple Strong 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Neptune  Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Rich lavender kissed purple Strong Medium upright/bloom large double $24.95   
 New Dawn Non-Pat. Climber Star Light pink sweet 18-20' climber 35-40 petals $21.95   
New Zealand  Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Creamy pink Strong Medium upright/disease-resistant $24.95   
Nicole Carol Miller  Pat. Grandiflora Star Pale Lavender Strong Upright/ honor 9/11 Victims 1993 $24.95   
Nigh Owl Patented Climber Weeks Wine purple  Moderate Canes 10-14' Large semi double clusters $24.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Octoberfest  Pat. Grandiflora Weeks Blended autumnal colors Moderate Tall upright, large double bloom $24.95   
Oklahoma  Non-Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Velvet red Strong Medium bushy/petal count 40-45 $21.95   
Olympiad  Non-Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Red Light Med. tall upright/petal count 30-35 $21.95   
Orange and Lemons  Shrub Weeks Orange striped yellow Medium Tall/arching canes 6-8 feet $24.95   
Oregold  Non-Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Deep yellow gold Light  Medium upright/petal count 30-35 $21.95   
Over The Moon Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Worm apricot Moderate Medium tall upright bushy $24.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Paradise Non -Pat. Hybrid tea Weeks Medium lavender blush ruby Moderate Medium bushy 25-30 petals $21.95   
Passionate Kisses  Pat. Floribunda Star Pink Light Medium/always in bloom $24.95   
 Passionate Kisses  36" Tree  Star Pink Light 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Pat Austin English Roses David Austin Copper Strong 5x3 1/2'h , repeat flowering $29.95   
Peace  Non-Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Lemony yellow edge pink Light Medium, 55 years old $21.95   
Pearly Gates Patented Climber Weeks Pastel pearl pink Strong Climbing canes 10-12' Bloom on near old wood $24.95   
Perfect Moment  Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Deep yellow w/ broad red edge Strong Ht 4'/disease-resistant $24.95   
Perfume Delight  Non-Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Deep rose pink Strong Medium tall/long strong stems $21.95   
Peter Mayle Pat. HT Romantica Star Dark pink Strong Tall upright, large bloom/30-35 petals $24.95   
Pink Promise Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Pink and cream blend Moderate Medium tall large bloom $24.95   
Pope John Paul II Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks White Strong Medium tall, originally J.P. Rose $24.95   
Princess Alexandra of Kent English Roses David Austin Glowing pink Strong 4x3 Good hedge $29.95   
Pumpkin Patch Pat. Floribunda Weeks Caramel orange Moderate Med. Rounded 25-30 petals $24.95   
Purple Tiger Non Pat. Floribunda Weeks Striped with purple & white Moderate Medium low rounded $21.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Queen Elizabeth  Non -Pat. Gr. Weeks Clear pink Moderate Tall/upright 35 petals $21.95   
Queen Mary II Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Pure white Strong Disease resistant, semi-upright $24.95   
Queen Mary II 36" Tree  Star Pure white Strong 5 gal. containers $44.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Rainbow Sorbet Pat. Floribunda Weeks Deep yellow mix orange/red Light Medium/upright to rounded $24.95   
Red Eden Patented Climber Star Red Mild 10-12' petal count 100-110 $24.95   
Remember Me Non-Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Cinn. tan blushed rusty orange Moderate Medium upright and bushy $21.95   
Rio Samba  Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Blushing yellow Light Medium rounded/bloom medium double $24.95   
Rio Samba  36" Tree  Weeks Blushing yellow Light 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Rock & Roll  Pat. Grandiflora Weeks Burgundy cream stripes bicolor Strong Med up/Geo Burns /New Zealand $24.95   
 Rock & Roll 36" Tree  Weeks Burgundy & cream striped  Strong 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Royal Amethyst Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Blended lavender Strong Medium slightly spreading $24.95   
Royal Gold Non-Pat. Climber Weeks Deep golden yellow  Moderate Large double bloom climbing 8-10' $21.95   
Ruby Ruby  Miniature Weeks Cherry red Light Ht 12-18' rounded/petal count 25 $24.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Sally Holmes  Non-Pat. Climber Weeks Buff buds open pure white Slight Pillar/climber of 6 to 12 feet $21.95   
Salmon Sunblaze Miniature Star Salmon Light Ht medium 12-15" disease resistant $24.95   
Scentimental  Pat. Floribunda Weeks Burgundy red w/creamy white Strong Medium rounded, large double flowers $24.95   
Secret  Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Cream blush with pink Strong Medium/bushy 30-35 petals  $24.95   
Secret's Out Pat. Hybrid Tea Star White Strong 3 1/2'h. 30-35 petals $24.95   
Sexy Rexy Non Pat. Floribunda Weeks Clear coral pink Mild Medium upright. 25-30 petals $21.95   
Sheila's Perfume Non-pat Floribunda Weeks Yellow edge deep pink Strong Medium bushy large double flower $21.95   
Showbiz Non-pat Floribunda Weeks Fire engine red Light Low bushy and rounded $21.95   
Snow Goose English Roses Cl David Austin White Strong Almost thornless stems, 8-10' $29.95   
Sparkle & Shine Pat. Floribunda Weeks Sparkling clear yellow Moderate Bloom continue to sparkle all summer/fall $24.95   
Sparkle & Shine 36" Tree  Weeks Sparkling clear yellow Moderate 5 gal. containers $44.95   
St. Patrick 36" Tree  Weeks Yellow Light 5 gal. containers $44.95   
St. Patrick  Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Yellow Light Medium rounded/long lasting blooms $24.95   
Stainless Steel Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Light lavender Strong Tall upright/easy to care and grow $24.95   
Sterling Silver Non Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Lavender rose Strong Nearly thornless $21.95   
Strawberry Hill English Roses David Austin Pure rose pink Strong 4x4' h or 6'-8' climbing $29.95   
Strike It Rich Pat. Grandiflora Weeks Deep golden yellow w/orange pink Strong Medium tall large double flowers $24.95   
Sugar Moon Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Pure white Strong Tall upright over 30 petals $24.95   
Sun Flare Non-pat Floribunda Star Lemon yellow Light 5-6'hx3'w, medium low bushy $21.95   
Sunny Knock Out Shrub Weeks Pale yellow white Moderate Medium rounded and compact $24.95   
Sunset Celebration Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Apricot amber blend Moderate Medium upright. Large full bloom $24.95   
Sunsprite Pat. Floribunda Weeks Deep yellow  Strong Medium/rounded & bushy $24.95   
Sunsprite 36" Tree  Weeks Deep yellow Strong 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Sunstruck Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Apricot gold/yellow reverse Medium Medium tall-large bloom-30 petals $24.95   
Sweet Surrender Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Silvery pink  Strong Medium upright 40-45 petals $24.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Tahitian Sunset  Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Apricot yellow blushing pink Strong Medium tall upright large double flowers $24.95   
Tahitian Treasure Pat. Grandiflora Star Deep salmon pink Moderate Very disease resistant 5-5 1/2h $24.95   
 Take it Easy 36" Tree  Weeks Red lighter reverse & white eye Slight 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Take it Easy Pat. Floribunda Weeks Red lighter reverse & white eye Slight New 2015 meidum upright and bushy $24.95   
Teasing Georgia English roses David Austin Yellow Strong Rounded, arching bushy/110 petals $29.95   
 Texas Miniature Weeks Bright sunny yellow Slight 18 to 24' cool weather gives the best form $24.95   
The Best Kept Secret Rose Pat. Hybrid Tea Star White with pink edges Strong New 2015 up to 4'h bushy compact $24.95   
The Icecap Rose Shrub Star White None New 2015 2 1/2'h by 3 1/2' w/ very bushy $24.95   
 The Lady Gardener English Roses David Austin Rich pure apricot Strong Medium Shrub $29.95   
The Pilgrim English Roses David Austin Yellow to pale yellow Strong 5X3' or climber 8-10' Good hedge $29.95   
The Pretty in Pink Eden Rose Romantica climber Star Deep pink Moderate New 2015 10-12'h slighty more petals than eden $24.95   
The Wedgwood Rose English Roses David Austin Soft rose pink Strong 5X5' or 10' climber $29.95   
Tiffany Non Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Pink with yellow base Moderate Medium tall needs heat  $21.95   
Top of The World Miniature Weeks Orange and yellow bicolor Moderate New 2015 medium long canes $24.95   
 Tournament of Roses Non Pat. Grandiflora Star Pink Light Name in honor of New Year's day parade $21.95   
Tranquility English Roses David Austin Tinged yellow become pure white Light New 2012 5'hx3' w $29.95   
 Tropicana Non Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Coral/orange sweet Winner of 12 international awards $21.95   
Trumpeter 36" Tree  Weeks Brilliant orange scarlet Light 5 gal. containers $44.95   
Trumpeter Non-pat Floribunda Weeks Brilliant orange scarlet Mild Medium low rounded. 35-40 petals $21.95   
Tuscan Sun Pat. Floribunda Weeks Deep apricot-orange Light 3 1/2'-4' 25 petals Formally JP rose $24.95   
Twilight Zone Pat. Grandiflora Weeks Deep velvet purple Strong Med. rounded/large bloom 40 petals $24.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Valencia   Pat. Hybrid tea Star Creamy apricot w/copper Strong Medium bushy/large blooms 35-40 petals $24.95   
Valentine's Day Patented Climber Weeks Deep velvet red Slight Cl. Canes 6'-10' Flower very double in cluters $24.95   
Vavoom Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Bright Orange  Moderate Medium low over 35 petals $24.95   
Veterans' Honor Pat. Hybrid Tea Weeks Bright red Light Medium tall upright originally J.P. Rose $24.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
White Eden Patented Climber Weeks White Slight Tall upright-100+ petals $24.95   
White Majesty Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Pure White  Good cutting rose $24.95   
Winchester Cathedral English Roses David Austin White Strong Lovely white version of Mary Rose 88 pe. $29.95   
Wollerton Old Hall English Roses David Austin Butter blooms to softer cream Strong  "The Most fragrant of DA Roses" $29.95   
World War II Memorial  Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Light pink Strong Med. Upright Perfect cutting rose $24.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
You're the One Miniature Weeks Ivory white blushing pink/ruby Mild Med-tall/rounded/ very bushy $24.95   
Yves Paiget  Pat. Hybrid Tea Star Pink Strong Short bushy/petal count 80 $24.95   
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Photo Name Type Grower Color Fragrance Caption Price
Zephirine Drouhin Pat. Climber Antic Star Cerise pink Strong Thornles canes, 1868 Antique rose $24.95   
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